US Extruders, Westerly, Rhode Island

US Extruders

US Extruders was founded in 2016 by a group of industry veterans with more than a hundred years of combined extrusion experience. Encompassing industry leaders in engineering and screw technology, US Extruders has been very successful to date with more than 120 extruders sold in their first two years!

Whether you do medical tubing, window profiles, pipe, tubing or hose, profiles, blown film or sheet extrusion, you can turn to US Extruders for reliable long-lasting solutions to your extrusion needs.

US Extruders makes single screw extruders from ¾ inch to 8-inches. Whether you need a clean room medical extruder, a co-extruder or a low-boy for blown film, or a water-cooled extruder for compounding, US Extruder should be your solid choice.

What separates US Extruders from the competition?

A full 5-year warranty on non-wear items!

Our customers will tell you it’s the unparalleled performance and durability that makes the difference.

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