Recycling Equipment Manufacturers

Recycling Equipment Manufacturers we represent

  • BOY Machines Inc.
  • Novatec
  • Advantage Engineering
  • Rapid Granulator
  • LaRos Equipment

Rapid Granulator and Next Generation Recycling

What is recycling? We all want to reduce the consumption of our natural resources and to do it,  we re-use our thermoplastic material whenever it is feasible, by reducing the size of those product through shredding and grinding.

Then when we have small enough pieces of plastic, we can re-introduce them into our material streams for extrusion and injection molding.

In the case of Next Generation Recycling equipment, we place large quantities of scrap material on a conveyor, that material is shredded in-line and run directly into a pelletizing extruder — and in a few minutes, we get usable pelletized material from the other end of the line.

Rapid Granulator 200 Series
Rapid Granulator Raptor
NGR S-gran